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What are clients saying about Kambô.

Karren Grieco

My name is Karren and before my first Kambo session, I was in a pretty stressful point of my life. I had some very hard family and relationship problems, stress from work, and was suffering from extreme anxiety. It seemed like my mind was always racing on a dew loop of negativity.  I was in a constant state of stress. I had felt like I was so wrapped up in the world with work and never-ending tasks. I felt like I had lost my touch with my spirit and intuition. I also wanted to detoxify my body.  Jose Luis had shared with me about Kambo. I was immediately interested and spent a lot of time researching it before my session. I thought it looked pretty extreme, but if I at least get a detox, I would be on the right track. Well, I got a lot more out of Kambo than a detox. My first purge was a physical detox and was relatively easy. I could not believe how good I felt. I had a surge of energy for weeks after the first session and I felt more at peace. I planned on 3 sessions in the first month. The second purge was more difficult. Different than the first. And again, I felt fantastic the next day. Like a superhero. Just seemed so much more clear in my head. I felt stronger at the gym. I felt like I was running efficiently physically. It was amazing.  The third was my emotional purge. This one is also difficult. It was the best gift of them all. It was strange because the message during the ceremony was so clear as it was happening. When he removed the medicine, I think I sobbed for 45 min. I never cry, but this was a good one.  After this session, I was very at peace. I had let go of hurt and anger in this session. It was like 10 years of counseling in a session to pop that emotional pimple. That is the only way I can put it into words.  I am now very at peace with those issues. My anxiety level is low. I have made some drastic changes in my life for the positive because I am in touch with my spirit and intuition again. I am now about to enter my 7th session next week. I have recommended this to all of my friends and they have participated in ceremonies. They thank me all the time because it has helped them in their lives as well. We call it the Frog Club, just for fun. It is safe and it is effective.
Karren Grieco