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José Luis del Solar

José Luis del Solar is a supportive, empathic practitioner who cares for, and deeply connects with his clients. He runs a successful private Structural Integration practice in Laguna Beach, CA. His training has a foundation in biomechanics which identifies and corrects asymmetries in the body thereby achieving longer-lasting postural balance quickly and effectively.
After enduring chronic back pain for most of his life, he received Structural Integration treatment while working as a dance photographer in NYC. He was so impressed by the efficacy of the method that he took it upon himself to train professionally, a skill that he continues to hone with constant training.


Lisa Saremi

He is the best ever. Very professional and committed to his clients’ healing. I would recommend him to anyone I know.

Karin Edwards Wagner

José Luis is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. Structural Integration is a powerful method for making lasting changes in structure and movement. Highly recommended for athletes and dancers, the young and the old, actually really for anyone who lives in a human body.

Nicole de Pasquale

Beautiful studio; very relaxing and tranquil with beautiful views and an ocean breeze which helps to relax the body and the mind. José Luis’s knowledge and professionalism was the foundation of an amazing experience. His calm nature and gentle touch made it easy to feel safe and comfortable throughout the sessions.
His ability to communicate how the body works allowed me to become more aware of what I was doing to my body and how to fix it. He was able to teach me how to reach from my spine and to allow my hands to propel my arms, not from my shoulders, which has made a significant difference in my everyday functioning. Throughout the series, he provides movement skills that will help keep your machine working correctly.
The SI work opened my body up and freed most of the restrictions I was experiencing.

Hans Greutmann

I’ve gained a whole new awareness level in my body thanks to the 10 series by Jose Luis! The work has been life changing and has given me the confidence in my body I’ve been lacking. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves!

The professionalism along with the ocean view can’t be beaten! I can’t thank him enough!

Kelly C.

I had my first experience with Structural Integration today with Jose Luis and I am very impressed! He is truly skilled, very knowledgeable, professional and I felt at ease right away. He explained his craft beautifully at each stage of the session and I knew exactly what to anticipate, which was very calming. This allowed for my body to relax and release tensions in a myriad number of ways -to put it simply -I can BREATHE again 🙂 I didn’t understand how my body’s defenses had inhibited that; now I do and am very thankful! I look forward to the next 9 sessions and I highly recommend everyone to begin this work! You will be pleasantly surprised at the results 🙂

Therese Rickard

Jose Luis is a true professional with an amazing understanding of the human body… His communication skills while doing the structural work made me feel comfortable and in good hands… He has a great touch and presence while he works … I’ve noticed many differences in my body ex: how I carry myself, my sleeping patterns and my sciatic pain is gone !! I highly recommend Jose Luis to anyone that wants to feel younger and live in a properly operating body!!